I began organizing out of necessity; a wife and mom of three young kids working from home. There are only a certain number of hours in the day and taking care of my kids came first, then work and the house seemed to always come last. As a result, my weekends became the time to clean up the mess from the prior week. Every weekend was the same thing…time to clean up the mess from the prior week.  As a result, my family had absolutely no time for fun to live our lives and enjoy any family time.  Eventually, I became so stressed with the weekly regime, I had to come up with an idea that would work for all of us and was easily maintainable for everyone in the family; and I did.  So many families are facing the same or similar situation.  We need something that would make the clean up during the week easy for the kids and the adults; something so simple we don't even realize we were cleaning. That's what organizing your life, business, home and family is all about. When you finally find the right system that works for you. you begin to find the free time you deserve to enjoy the things you were unable to before. With an organized system in place. everything flows seamlessly from home to professional to the recreational things you enjoy.  When you have that, you begin to have the time to really live and enjoy your life!


Out of Necessity a Passion Developed.


While organizing out of necessity for my family, I realized just how much I enjoyed what l was doing. I then began to start helping family and friends and was consistently told that I had a gift and I should consider offering my services to others. I initially thought they were all insane.  However, after some inflection, I realized that combining my ability to do something that I truly loved with meeting a need of others was a natural combination. In our busy world, keeping things in order, whether at home or in the office, is a daunting task that just seems to take a back seat to other priorities and easily gets away from us.  Organizing is a whole life experience. When you feel mentally and physically organized, this translates into your personal and professional life.  The stress and anxiety associated with a disorganized living space can take a large toll on us. I truly receive joy out of organizing and helping others. Knowing that we have removed the burden associated with disorganization and providing our clients with an organized space makes me feel so accomplished. The look on our clients' faces when the job is complete is so rewarding.  For me, it's not work because I get to do what I love.


Organizing with a Personal Touch, LLC will assist you in organizing your life and home from top to bottom.  We can help you organize paperwork, closets, ki tchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, pantries, garages, storage units, toys and so much more.   What about your home office? We will create a filing system easy to maintain. By setting up a productive place to pay bills, maintain home records and personal paperwork, you will be able to spend more time managing your life efficiently and enjoyably.  Do you need help organizing your calendar?

We will automate your life to share with other family members so everyone knows the day's busy schedule.


Are you or your kids entering college? We provide a college entry service that includes assisting with course selection, navigating the complexities of a college website, making sure that all of the paperwork is complete and making sure that your college orientation is scheduled. We organize you so you can be free to enjoy your life without worry. No job is too big or too small. Our personal touch comes with the joy of knowing that we are helping to create a cohesive organized environment for you and your family.


What to Expect when the Job is Complete...

We leave simple everyday tips behind to allow for a seamless transition so you can maintain the organizational system that has been created for you. We aim to simplify our clients' home, office, storage and so much more so they can spend more time enjoying life to its fullest.


Our services leave you living our motto...


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